During the initial configuration of Windows XP Mode (XPM) after installing the license-free and full Windows XP virtual machine virtual PC in Windows 7, users must set a password for the account default XPMUser. By default, Windows XP will sustain mode and remember your username and password to log data to XPMUser Windows Virtual PC, you can log on to the desktop, where the direct integration feature is enabled.
However, some users may decide not to set or set a password for the username and password for the account XPMUser remove XPMUser through the password blank or null.
The problem is that Virtual PC, Windows may prompt the user, password is wrong or misleading when trying to log into Windows XP mode, even if the match and enter the correct password or other XPMUser Account created in XP mode. Integration-enabled, Windows XP Mode does not accept login with user accounts, passwords, vacant or not.
This problem is compounded by the fact that the user can forget or do not know the password created for XPMUser during the initial configuration mode for XP and therefore can not or can not login.
Here are some solutions solutions can not log upon to Windows XP mode because the password is incorrect or false, that requires some tricks to reset the password for the user account in Windows XP mode VM.
Method 1: Reinstall XPMUser Password reset by XPM
the user is prompted to specify the password for the user account XPMUser by default when you install Windows XP Mode. If you lose, forget or do not know the password or enter the password is always wrong, and then uninstall and reinstall Windows XP mode. The installation process will ask for your password again.
Method 2: Login using the default administrator account
You can attempt to access the mode of Windows XP administrator account by default Administrators, which is only for display in safe mode. By default, no password for the Administrator account, so it can be used to reset the password upon the password from another account.
To do this, follow these steps:
On Windows XP Mode window, click Tools -> Disable the feature integration. restart Windows XP mode. When the Boot menu appears upon startup, press F8.
Note: You must press the F8 key repeatedly until the Windows Startup menu. In the Windows Advanced Options menu, choose safe mode and then press ENTER. Log upon to Windows by using the administrator account and password.
Note: Password is blank by default unless specified password. After entering Safe Mode, click Start, go to Run nusrmgr.cpl type and then press ENTER. Select the user you desire to change and click Reset Password. Set a new password. Click the Advanced click the Advanced button. Click the Users. Select the user you desire to modify in the right pane. This is true, and Property. Check and check the crate to the Password never expires. Click OK. Finished the settings and restart Windows XP mode in normal mode. When you log into Windows XP mode, be certain to check the crate Forgotten your credentials, so you do not need to re-enter your password. Method 3: Integration without logging feature
Windows XP Mode feature requires the integration of user account and password to login. Use the following steps to set the password, and then configure the virtual machine records of the trust and do not ask for a password to unlock any program.
When Windows XP Mode demand a password, click Cancel. Integration functions to be disabled, if not go to Tools -> Disable the feature integration.
Without the integration of function is allowed to enter using an account that has no password. Enter your username and password (if any) to enter the XP mode. To use the feature integration, it is recommended to set the password for the current user and the use of Virtual PC Windows to remember my credentials, to avoid having to logon manually.
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