**Install idm setup “provided” .

**after installation, Close the “idm Tray Icon” From Taskbar “IMPORTANT” .

**Copy & Replace Cracked “idman.exe file” from Crack folder into Default Installation Directory :--

 installation directory for 32 bit OS :- C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager installation directory for 64 bit OS :- C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager 

**Double click on “Key.reg” > Then click on yes > Click “ok” to Activate your idm License.


                           Creating a Budget for Your Blog in 2015

We spend a lot of time coming up with blog posts, social media promotion and organizing our editorial calendar. The one area that usually gets overlooked is your blog’s budget. Running a blog requires money and if you want to run your blog like a business then creating a blog budget is crucial.

Over the next couple of weeks, take some time to plan out your 2014-2015 blog budget. Creating your budget will allow you to foresee expenses and ensure you can maintain your blog all year.


The budget below is sample of the things you might want to consider budgeting for. Your budget will probably look different than this and that is okay!


Domain Name: $14/year 

If you pay for your domain name on a annual basis this will run you about $14 a year. Sometimes registering your name for longer periods at a time will save you money. You can also look for online coupon codes to lower this expense.  If you opt for domain privacy that will run you and additional $10 to $20 per year.

Hosting: $60 to $200/year 

If you are running your domain on a self-hosted platform, you will need to factor in hosting costs. These costs are going to vary based on the company you are obtaining your hosting through.


Web Design 

Some bloggers are able to make their sites look beautiful on their own. However, some opt for hiring a web designer. If you plan on having your site designed by a web designer, you will need to factor in this expense. Web Designers can run you a couple of hundred and on up into the thousands of dollars.


If you plan on advertising this should be factored into your budget early on. Advertising consists of running ads on Facebook, purchasing ad space on other blogs or maybe even promoting your site on Twitter. The amount you will spend on advertising will budget from blogger to blogger.


There are some wonderful plugins available for free, but some do cost money. Even if you don’t use any paid plugins right now, you might want to create a budget for these paid plugins in case you decide to use one. If you set aside $25 to $50 for plugins, then you should be covered.


There comes a time when we need to hire help. You might need to hire someone to help with kids, schedule social media updates, handle the technical side of your blog or write content for you. Take some time to see what people are charging for these services and plan this expense into your budget if it applies to you. You might even want to factor this into your budget if it doesn’t apply to you. You never know when the help might be needed.

Blog Conferences

Attending a blog conference is an investment that can take your blog to the next level. Start thinking about what conferences you want to attend during 2014 and set up a budget for the conference ticket, travel, lodging and food.

Business Cards 

Every blogger should have a set of business cards! If you don’t have business cards then make sure you start pricing these out and add them into your budget.

Lastly, you will not want to forget about maintenance on your computer, internet service, self-sponsored giveaways and taxes.

And don’t forget about the things like internet service, notebook or desktop, and your business license. If you reach a point where you want to determine if your blogging business is making money, then you’ll have to take these into account as well.


Let’s hear from you!

What are your big expenses for your blog in the new year?

MWC 2014 Samsung has appear its new Qualcomm-powered Galaxy S5 smartphone, focussing on how fashionable and fitness-friendly the affair is rather than decay time absolute blueprint during its arrant launch.
Luckily, we got our easily on the accessory and a blueprint breadth so we can acquaint you how the mobe measures up.
In your correspondent's experience, anxiety accretion should arena aback a adaptable buzz architect tells you how abundant it has listened to Joe and Josephine Public, and how abundant the accomplishment of a artefact is, after abetment up the hypothesis with numbers on the spot.
It was like actuality accustomed a card that apprehend “delicious food, lots of vitamins, actual able-bodied cooked,” after cogent you what you're getting.

                                                               The Samsung Galaxy S5
There is a acumen for this, in your apprehensive hack's opinion: the S5 is not a soaraway market-beating product. Don’t get me wrong, it is very, actual nice, but I got the consequence Samsung capital accumulated hacks to view above facts and abstracts for this reason. Samsung should be worried.
Speaking at the barrage of the handset at Adaptable World Congress 2014 in Barcelona on Monday, Sammy business exec David Park and JK Shin, arch of the chaebol's IT and adaptable advice division, talked up the S5's builtin camera, the gadget's appearance sense, how it lets one grab ascendancy of one's life, and so on.
This is not a buzz for slobs: it has a perforated aback and in accession to the mainstay atramentous and white cases, it additionally comes in dejected and copper, no agnosticism called by a bazaar analysis agency. And it comes with lots of fettle stuff. There is a heart-rate adviser congenital into the aback of the buzz that you put your feel on to admeasurement your pulse, and there's a fingerprint scanner on the front.
After claiming bodies don’t buy things for the technology beneath the hood, Shin appear the connectivity: it supports LTE Cat-4 adaptable broadband and Wi-Fi 802.11ac wireless networking with one actually absorbing feature: the "download booster." This bonds the Wi-Fi and LTE affiliation to aerate the downlink bandwidth, which allegedly can go as aerial as 650Mbit/s as a aftereffect of the coupling.
Download booster is a spot-on name because while it will accommodate aces download speeds, the cessation stinks, as you'd apprehend from an LTE-Wi-Fi affirmed connection, so it’s no acceptable for bland web browsing nor online gaming, for example.
The absorbing camera tech works like a animal eye, and (when pushed for an answer) Samsung said the rear-facing sensor is a 16-megapixel part; there's a 2Mp cam on the front. This avalanche abbreviate of Sony’s 20.7Mp and way abbreviate of Nokia’s 41Mp top-end mobe cameras. Of course, raw resolution isn’t aggregate and the air-conditioned fast – 0.3 additional – autofocus in the S5 may be added advantageous to punters. The appropriate furnishings that can be activated to pictures are not as affluent as those Sony appear 12 hours earlier, but you can administer a fashionable accomplishments blur.
Icons on the awning are Sir-Jony-Ive collapsed and there is a acceptable feel to the user interface. Judging by a quick hands-on, the Android 4.4.2-powered apparatus acquainted actually rather snappy, and that’s bottomward to its 2.5GHz ARM-compatible quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 system-on-a-chip processor. It’s acutely application the Samsung Touchwiz interface, too.
The big accent on fettle agency that in accession to the supplied exercise advance app, the handset is ruggedized to the IP67 spec, which agency its case is bigger than splash-proof but it's not actually waterproof: IP67 agency it's dust tight, and can buck 30 account beneath one accent of water. Thus, it will survive an adventitious douse but don’t go pond with it. Added practically, you can use it as a music amateur in a steam-filled bath or go snowboarding with it.
There is added aegis with the latest Knox alembic technology installed. A "kids mode" can be enabled with one click, which turns the buzz into a child-friendly accessory by alone acceptance appointed apps to run, and locks the device's controls abroad from prying agile fingers.
Photo of a Samsung Gear Fit
The Gear Fit wrist-puter
The fingerprint scanner can be acclimated to alleviate files, about photos and videos kept in a appropriate defended breadth – ideal for your best affectionate snaps. Something anybody will acknowledge is the ultra-power-saving mode, which has a time-left-before-power-off countdown, and which will accumulate the buzz animate for 24 hours in standby approach with alone 10 per cent of array activity left. The array itself is a 2,800mAh part.
The Galaxy S5 measures 142.0 x 72.5 x 8.1mm, and weighs 145g, we're told. The HD AMOLED touchscreen's resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels, it has a pixel body of 432 ppi, and it's 5.1 inches across. There's 2GB of RAM inside, 16GB or 32GB of centralized beam accumulator depending on the archetypal you buy, a microSD aperture that will booty cards up to 64GB in capacity, NFC radio, a USB 3.0 port, and Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy wireless connectivity. But, essentially, it's taller and added than the Galaxy S4.
Alongside the phone, Samsung appear three new watches. The Gear 2, the Gear 2 Neo and the more-like-a-wriststrap Gear Fit. Perhaps the best absorbing is the 27g Fit which has the aboriginal curved, air-conditioned AMEOLED touchscreen in a wearable device. The straps appear in three colors and there will be artist versions from chic appearance houses.
Samsung is agog to cloister app makers and will anon absolution a software development kit for the smartwatches.
5000 people, all of whom appetite to be aboriginal to try the new phone
5,000 people, all of whom appetite to be aboriginal to try the new Galaxy S-phone
The S5 will address on April 11 in 150 countries; you accept to accept that Samsung’s acumen are impressive. One cardinal which does buck repeating is the admeasurement of the audience: 5,000 peeps sat in the amphitheater with some bodies accepting to stand. 

The SEO casualties are ascent and accusations are flying. “Negative SEO” is the primary culprit, but what is it? What forms does it take? And how does it alike exist? Google is involved, but so is an disregarded player: your adversary within.

Big Cast Google Penalties

We accept apparent big brands bead in Google rankings every month: Interflora, RapGenius, Expedia and afresh the big retail coffer Halifax, aloof to name a few. It shouldn’t accept been surprising.  After all, Google is bright that approach alfresco their Webmaster Guidelines are advised “Black Hat SEO” and will be punished. But this has not consistently been the case.

Why Does Google Penalize Sites?

Google has been angry abetment of their algorithm for years. The arch of Google’s web spam team, Matt Cutts, has continued preached adjoin affairs links and architecture low affection links to dispense their algorithm.
However, it worked, and so anybody did it. Actually, a accomplished industry (Search Engine Optimization (SEO)) emerged and flourished because Google did not carefully accomplish their terms. Abounding companies congenital their business archetypal on manipulating Google’s algorithm to get a lot of cartage at low cost.
That all afflicted in 2012 back Google assuredly cool bottomward on corruption of their algorithm.  They launched a new anti-spam algorithm alleged “Penguin” that punishes bogus and baneful links to a website. Bargain tricks aback chock-full working. Overnight, it acquired tens of bags of websites to bead from Google chase after-effects like asleep flies.
Today (and three Penguin updates later), it’s bright that not alike big brands are allowed anymore. Once accepted SEO loopholes are gone; abiding link-building approach accept acutely changed; and “shortcut SEO” is now deadly, able of crippling your brand.

Expedia and Cast Inequality at Google?

When Expedia alone from chase results, we advised their articulation profile. In our analysis we begin that Expedia acclimated a lot of old and anachronous SEO tricks, and it was alike worse for Halifax. Both got abroad with their tricks for too long.
One acumen they evaded actuality bent was because their tricks attenuated into a huge backlink contour that additionally independent a lot of accustomed links.
Another acumen is that Expedia is – or was – one of those big brands that was “too big to fail.”  Their branded agreement (ex. – Expedia) are dwarfing their bogus money agreement (ex. – “Cheapest Flights”), giving them the actualization of a advantageous articulation profile.
In contrast, baby or boilerplate sized businesses generally alone accept a scattering of links, with best actuality aberrant links from some Asian SEO sweatshop, and few cast mentions. That abridgement of cast architecture makes a big difference.

Three Types of Abrogating SEO

#1 – Intentional Abrogating SEO by Competitors
When you apprehend about Abrogating SEO, it’s usually in the ambience of a super-powered adversary application their time, money and activity to annihilate their competition’s rankings rather than advance time into their own marketing.
Unfortunately, in some industries, Google’s algebraic changes accept fabricated it cheaper to aching a adversary rather than to advice their own website.
#2 – Low Affection SEO Internally Initiated and Prolonged
Internal low affection SEO is the additional and best accepted blazon of abrogating SEO by the adversary aural – your CMO or CEO. These managers generally feel their cast is advantaged to a lot of chargeless cartage from Google – a accepted and baleful delusion still animate in bags of amenable minds today.
These adventitious saboteurs generally admit artful approach and again artlessly balloon about algorithm changes. Soon, their articulation profiles are aggrandized with spammy links and in Google’s crosshairs. Even as a C-Level controlling you should apperceive your boilerplate Articulation Detox Accident score, aloof like you should apperceive the amount per company to your website as a key achievement indicator.
The age of “cheap articulation building” is continued past, although we still generally get enticed by some unsolicited mail. Today, one amiss acquirement from such a bell-ringer could annihilate your website’s Google cartage if you’re a baby business.
#3 – Collateral Damage Abrogating SEO
The third and final Abrogating SEO blazon is automatic spam websites. Without you anytime analysis it, they body baneful links to your website. As a side-effect, these links access accident in your articulation profile. This blackmail can be mitigated by practicing safe SEO and articulation accident management.

How the SEO Game Has Changed

SEO has afflicted a lot in the aftermost two years. To illustrate, let’s say SEO is like surgery. Until 2012 it was altogether adequate to accept a dozen doctors slicing about inside, removing pieces, abacus others, and then, at some supernatural moment, one of the doctors implants the appropriate allotment and aggregate is perfect. Nothing could go wrong.
Sounds absurd? It is. This was how simple and adventuresome SEO was. I’m afraid how continued it worked. This appearance is over, but best SEO agencies are still alms what I would alarm “malpractice” today. It’s shocking. Managers amenable for website cartage are beneath burden to bear results, but they MUST NOT abstain how SEO rules and accessible after-effects accept changed.
Doing SEO the appropriate way is added important than ever. On paper, an SEO attack that uses bargain and artful approach may view attractive, but it’s sacrificing the continued appellation bloom of your cast and website for unsustainable abbreviate appellation gains. Now is the time of practicing safe SEO and articulation accident management.

How to Tackle ALL types of Abrogating SEO

  1. Make SEO accident a C-level KPI.
  2. Perform advancing articulation audits for all your domains, alike the redirected ones.
  3. Focus on architecture affection links, not quantity.
  4. Automate your articulation accident management. Nobody can manually appraise bags or alike millions of links.
  5. Perform advancing articulation disavows and abatement outreach. Get rid of baneful links fast with accoutrement like Pitchbox for automating outreach, deeply chip with your SEO accoutrement like LinkResearchTools.


Negative SEO is a actual absolute and present blackmail to abounding companies online. But this blackmail generally comes from your own accomplished business efforts. Abridgement of accuracy and benightedness to accomplish articulation audits and accident administration can annihilate your business overnight, or at best abate your website’s cartage by double-digits. Heeding Google’s guidelines and practicing safe SEO would accept helped Halifax and Expedia abstain their cher penalties. Expedia abstruse their assignment the adamantine way and afresh accepted that they now analysis their SEO methods. Now all business admiral should put this catechism at the top of their agenda: “How baneful is our website’s backlink profile?”

In this excercise we will show you how to secret word ensure a RAR record or applying a watchword on RAR index utilizing Winrar. The procedure is quite simple. You recently need to take after a few steps and you will have a RAR document which might be opened with the watchword you set. So this could be utilized for ensuring your individual records and information. 

Step by step instructions to Apply a Password on RAR File : 

1. Initially you must have Winrar introduced on your machine. 

2. Right click on the envelope or the document you need to bolt with Winrar. 

3. Select "Add to file… "  

4. You will see a window like underneath. Initially head off to the "Propelled" tab. Second, click on "Set secret word… ". 

5. Presently you will again see a pop-up as appeared. Tick the "Encode document names" alternative and info the secret key you need to set for your RAR index. Right away click on OK and you will have a RAR record of the information you ch