How To Apply Password On RAR Files

In this excercise we will show you how to secret word ensure a RAR record or applying a watchword on RAR index utilizing Winrar. The procedure is quite simple. You recently need to take after a few steps and you will have a RAR document which might be opened with the watchword you set. So this could be utilized for ensuring your individual records and information. 

Step by step instructions to Apply a Password on RAR File : 

1. Initially you must have Winrar introduced on your machine. 

2. Right click on the envelope or the document you need to bolt with Winrar. 

3. Select "Add to file… "  

4. You will see a window like underneath. Initially head off to the "Propelled" tab. Second, click on "Set secret word… ". 

5. Presently you will again see a pop-up as appeared. Tick the "Encode document names" alternative and info the secret key you need to set for your RAR index. Right away click on OK and you will have a RAR record of the information you ch