How To Find Saved Passwords in Google Chrome and Morzilla Firefox ?

Google Chrome and Morzilla Firefox are the top and fast browser in the world . Many of us prefer to click on save password or Remember password rather than typing the password everytime .
If you want to know your friends passwords which he uses frequently , you can make use of this tutorial . This Tutorial helps you in finding the saved password in Firefox and google chrome browsers . Lets Get started .

Note :
Do not missuse this tutorial , I am not responsible for that . This post is for educational purpose only .

Steps to find saved password 

I will be discussing about Morzilla and Chrome in this tutorial as they are top and frequently used browsers .

For Morzilla Firefox

  • First open Firefox Browser .
  • Now click on Tools at top of browser and from the sub-options click on Options as shown below .
  • A pop-up appears as shown below .
  • Click on Security and below you will find Saved passwords . 
  • Click on the saved passwords and click OK .
  • A new window appears displaying the Site name and Username in separate columns as shown below . Now click on Show passwords .
  • It asks for confirmation to show passwords . click Yes .
  • Now you will be able to see all the save passwords with respective username , website used by the user as shown below.

For Google Chrome 

  • Open google chrome Browser .
  • In the url bar type chrome://chrome/settings/passwords  and hit Enter . 
  • A new window appears displaying passwords , site address with emails .
  • Now select the email and click on Show in password section as shown below .
  • It will display the saved password of respective email .
Thats all , now you can find saved passwords easily . If you feel any step difficult let me know through comments .